Usability vs depopulated atmosphere

I read an interesting posts about a storategy of creating online service/community.

She wrote about not adding functions consciously even though it seems basic function at the beginning of the site. There is a qoute from another post by kensuu who provides (actually his company provides) Nanapi. Nanapi is website where people post lifehack technique. And it is said the reason why Nanapi didn’t provide search function at the beginning.

In early stage of a site, number of users, number of contents/posts are small. If users search the site, there is relatively higher possibility that he can not found the information that he want. Then he must feel that the site is not popular. If there is atmosphere of under populated, people leave and will not visit again.

There seems to be a strategy that creating initial version of your service less usable for some points consciously to avoid making depopulated atmosphere.

Usability vs depopulated atmosphere