rm, rmvb を avi に変換

Real Player で再生する .rm や .rmvb などの拡張子が付いた動画を avi に変換する方法が Apple Clinic にあって、その通りにやってみたら変換できたのでメモっておく。

参照: How to convert .rmvb to .avi (on PowerPC and Intel Macs)?



  1. ffmpegX をインストール
  2. Binary Codec Package をインストール
  3. /usr/local/lib にある codec フォルダを /Library/Applciations Support/ffmpegx/ に reallib という名前でコピー
  4. ffmpegX を起動
  5. 初回起動時に mpeg2enc, memcoder, mplayer の設定をする(ダウンロードしたファイルを指定する)


ffmpegX を起動し、変換したいファイル (rm, rmvb) と出力先、出力したいフォーマットを選んで Encode ボタンを押す。


rm, rmvb を avi に変換

Tumblr = Your own magazine

I read an interesting consideration on Tumblr. I quote some parts of the blog post
and translate in English here.


When you follow a certain number of people, you get images, texts, etc. that is selected
by your followings. These people (followings) are editors. And you can choose editors.
If an editor isn’t fit to your cup of tea, you can remove him from your followings. It
looks like you are the chief editor who can get/fire the editors.

It’s interesting view point for me to think tumblr (dashboard) = your own magazine.

But most these tumblr editors are secondary sender who get contents from somewhere
on the net. Most of them don’t create original contents.

Yes, most tumblr users just clipping, reblogging contents.

Though I wrote magazines can’t beat tumblr in the fun of magazine, I think
advantage of professional editor is to provide original source of information/contents.

It sounds like magazines are goint to die. And editors are also going to die
unless they don’t provide original (and higher level of) contents.

Tumblr = Your own magazine

YUIを使ってContinuous Pagination

Continuous Paginationというのは、AutoPagerizeを使ってGoogleの検索結果などを見たときのように、ページをスクロールしていくと自動的に次のページの内容を読み込む仕組み。TumblrのPreferenceでdashboadのオプションにあるEndless Scrollというのもそう。Continuous Paginationという言葉にこれと言った日本語訳は見つからなかった。

Switch On The Code2008年の5月頃に書かれた記事にやり方が書いてあったので、自分でも試しに作ってみた。


  1. スクロールイベントが発生したときに、スクロール位置をチェック
  2. 一定の位置までスクロールされていたら、次のページのコンテンツやデータを取得して、ページの末尾に追加


スクロール量 > ページの高さ – ウィンドウの高さ – オフセット


Yahoo! UI Libraryだと、Dom Collection にそれぞれの値を取得するmethodがあるので、次のようになる。

var dom = YAHOO.util.Dom;

var continuousPaginator = function(){
    var offset    = 10;
    var scrtop    = dom.getDocumentScrollTop();
    var docheight = dom.getDocumentHeight();
    var winheight = dom.getViewportHeight();

    if ( scrtop < docheight - winheight - offset) {
        // 次のコンテンツを読み込んで表示する処理

YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, "scroll", continuousPaginator);

以前書いた、パンくずリスト + ナビゲーションメニューのデモとして作った Tiny Shopping Browser にこの機能を付けた(今後はもう少しきれいなコードにしていきたい)。

2009/12/27 追記: Tiny Shopping Browser ではなくて Simple Shopping Search という名前に変えた。

YUIを使ってContinuous Pagination

How to increase PV with SBM and Twitter

There are 2 blog posts that write about increasing number of bookmarks and page views of your blog.


The first one explains how he increased the PV from 3,000 to 30,000 in one month. Second one is written how he earned 30,000 yen by advertisement as the result of increasing PV.

Both of them focus how to increase number of bookmarks in Social Bookmark Service – Haneta Bookmark.

In Japan, there are some popular blogs that introduce and translate poplar English blog articles in Design category. The former blog author noticed and tried to create similar blog by the following way.

  1. Create twitter account and get a lot of follower
    To increase your follower, look for articles that is similar as your blog in social bookmark service. And then find twitter account of them (they may use the same user name as profile), and follow them. They would follow you if you’re lucky. (He got 50 followers in this way.)
  2. Post articles
    Write blog posts and you should refer the title in popular articles like ‘10 ways to doing…’ or ’20 important things…’
  3. Post notification of your new posts to twitter
    Some of your followers will bookmark your post and your post might appears popular bookmarks, and then get more pv.

From the scond article, I pick up the point for writing blog post.

  1. Use exaggerating title to get interested
    This is the same as the above. It seems to be good to imitate title of popular articles in social bookmark service.
  2. Review your post if the most important thing of the post comes through
  3. Delete digressional matters
  4. Use graphics and bullet points so that readers won’t get tired to read through
How to increase PV with SBM and Twitter