Can not hear sound from Safari (Troubleshooting)

Reference: safari 音が出ない 解決方法

I got the same problem that is written at the above blog. I realized that I can’t hear any sound from web, for example when I watch video on youtube. The above article describes how to fix that problem.

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup (/Applications/Utilities/), then check the Audio Output setting.
  2. Change the Audio Output setting to 44100.0 Hz.
  3. Quit Audio MIDI Setup.

And he links to Apple support page for that problem.

Can not hear sound from Safari (Troubleshooting)


I’ve migrated my blog from XREA which is shared hosting service to Tumblr. And I’ve also merged English blog and Japanese blog into one blog.

I used to write my blog with Blogger and used FTP feature to upload a post to my hosting. I thought that using custom domain feature of Blogger at first, but blogger is a bit complicated to me now, especially in terms of customizing template.

So I use Tumblr and its custom domain feature. I may not renew the contract of my hosting service next time. (I already set up Google Apps for mail hosting.)