IP address and geo location

Japanese company ‘Cyber Area Research’ provides web service API to get location from IP address. It returns Japanese area data.


This service is provided as free for personal & non-commercial use. For company users, it provides as pay-you-go, which is based on number of your requests.

There is a similar service which is community-based service and provided for free.


They provide the data as well.

If you need world wide data, hostip.info is better than docodoco.jp. But if you need Japanese data only, docodoco.jp would be better.

IP address and geo location

A Small Design Study Of Big Blogs

The following is quoted from the results of an analysis of 50 popular blogs according to Technorati’s Top 100.

A Small Design Study Of Big Blogs

  • large blogs require a multi-column layout solution (usually 3 columns suffice) (58%);
  • layouts are usually centered (94%),
  • layouts usually have a fixed width (px-based) (92%),
  • the width of the fixed layout varies between 951 and 1000px (56%),
  • 58% of the overall site layout is used to display the main content,
  • CSS-layouts are used (90%),
  • the background is light, the body text is dark (98%),
  • the most usual (not necessarily most user-friendly) line length lies between 80 and 100 characters,
  • Verdana, Lucida Grande, Arial and Georgia are used for body text (90%),
  • the font size of body text varies between 12 and 14px (78%),
  • Arial and Georgia are used for headlines (52%),
  • headlines have the font size between 17 and 25px.

(Japanese translation)

  • 大きな blog では複数カラム(段組)のレイアウトを使用している (その多くは 3 カラム) (58%);
  • レイアウトは中央寄せ (94%),
  • レイアウトは固定幅 (px 指定) (92%),
  • レイアウト幅は 951px から 1000px の間 (56%),
  • レイアウト全体の 58% がメインコンテンツの表示領域
  • CSS によってレイアウトされている (90%),
  • 背景色は明るく、本文のテキスト色は暗い (98%),
  • 1 行の長さは、多くが 80 から 100 文字の間 (注: 日本語だと 40 から 50 に相当?)
  • 本文のフォントには Verdana, Lucida Grande, Arial, Georgia が使われている (90%),
  • 本文のフォントサイズは 12 から 14px の間 (78%),
  • 見出しには Arial と Georgia が使われている (52%),
  • 見出しのフォントサイズは 17 から 25px の間
A Small Design Study Of Big Blogs

Search Engine Bots IP Address

There are information of major search engine bots.

There is an investigation results at 主なhttpクロウラーのIPアドレスレンジを調査 (Investigation of IP Address range of Major HTTP Crawler – Japanese page.)

Another reference of Googlebot.

Search Engine Bots IP Address