Don’t Make Me Click

I’m interested in UI development. I watched this presentation and I am impressed the concept. The most interesting UI for me is shown at 29:15. New concept of tab browsing. I like the idea very much. You can see its demo at Scrolltabs.

The idea of the presentation is providing contents with less interaction – clicks – using Ajax or whatever. I agreed this now using Greasemonkey and AutoPagerize.

Don’t Make Me Click

VMware Server & Windows Service

VMware Server を手動起動に変更した – Ceekz Logs

I usually use Windows XP at the office. Sometimes I want to use Linux when I write a perl script or small PHP web application. So I installed VMware Server a few month ago. After that, it takes much more time to boot Windows XP than before. It seems that the cause is VMware related services.

I found the following article at Ceekz Log, which explain how to stop those services and start the services manually with .bat file only when you start VMware.

  1. Stop the following services and change the setting to start manually.
    • VMware Authorization Service
    • VMware DHCP Service
    • VMware NAT Service
    • VMware Registration Service
    • VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended
  2. Create serviceVMware.bat file.
    net %1 "VMware Registration Service"
    IF "%1" == "stop" net %1 "VMware Authorization Service"
    net %1 "VMware DHCP Service"
    net %1 "VMware NAT Service"
    net %1 "VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended"
  3. Run the .bat file with argument “start” or “stop” when you need.

ceekz suggest to create shortcut for the .bat file and then add an argument “start” or “stop” in the property.

VMware Server & Windows Service

Script for loading jQuery into Greasemonkey

We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. : GreasemonkeyスクリプトにjQueryを読み込む汎用スクリプト

How to use jQuery in Greasemonkey script and the sample codeThe linked article tell how to load jQuery into Greasemonkey script. It supports client side caching. The features are

  • Loading jQuery from specific URL
  • Loading jQuery plugin from specific URL
  • Caching code
  • Loading specific version of scripts (jQuery & the plugin.)
  • Avoiding conflict with another script that uses jQuery

To use the script, put ソースコード (source code) into the end of the Greasemonkey script that you want to use jQuery, and then put the code right under 使い方 (how to use) into after the source code.

You might wanna modify the URL of jQuery to the URL of Google AJAX Libraries. (cf. Announcing AJAX Libraries API: Speed up your Ajax apps with Google’s infrastructure)

Script for loading jQuery into Greasemonkey