Nokia N73

I’ve changed my cell phone. New phone is Nokia N73 and I take notes of the configurations here. Since I’m using Mac mini (G4) without buluetooth, I connect N73 to Mac with a USB cable.


I installed Mac OSX like theme, because I’m a Mac user.

  1. Download sis file from N73 Mac OSX Theme
  2. Download UnsisxPy and installed to OSX.
  3. Expand sis file by Drag and drop the sis file to UnsisxPy
  4. Connect N73 to Mac with USB cable (mass strage mode)
  5. Copy the extracted ‘private’ folder to root directory of mini SD in N73

And then you can apply the theme from ‘Tools’ > ‘Themes’.


I referred NOKIA N73/705NK 覚え書き:フォント弄り(その3) (Japanese site) to change the system fonts. But I needed Opera Mobile to get HeiseiGothS60b.ttf from N73. The procedure is described at 雷電斬震な日々: 705NK からフォントファイルをゲット! You can see the Z drive from Mac if your Mac has bluetooth capability.

Getting font file

  1. Download Opera Mobile for S60 3.x and install
  2. Run Opera Mobile and open file://localhost/z:/resource/fonts
  3. Choose the font (HeiseiGothS60b.ttf)(Opera saves the file to mini SD)

Merging Lucida and Hiragino fonts
You have to install X11 and Fontforge. You can install X11 from installation disk (Optional Installs.mpkg. You can download Fontforge from sourceforge.

The conversion steps are almost the same as descrived steps at NOKIA N73/705NK 覚え書き:フォント弄り(その3).

  1. Open Lucida/Hiragino font
  2. CID > Flatten
  3. Element > Font Info > General, change numbers as the same as HeiseiGothS60b (Ascent=1743, Descent=305, Underline Position-=-225, Height=120).
  4. File > Generate Fonts, to save the font as a ttf file.

And copy characters from Lucida and Hiragino to the same location in HeiseiGothS60b.


As far as I know, camera settings aren’t saved when I exit camera mode. And I don’t know how to change default settings (maybe I can’t), I saved ‘User Defined’ mode as follows.

  • Based on scene mode: Auto
  • Flash: Off
  • White balance: Sunny
  • Exposure compensation: -0.5
  • Colour tone: Normal
  • Light sensitivity value: Automatic



Nokia N73